New Mood

The New Mood sample collection consists of DNA from participants and controls aged between 18 and 55. All participants had no reported history of bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or psychosis, had constented to give a DNA sample and were currently living in the Greater Manchester area or willing and able to travel to Manchester.

Control participants reported no personal or immediate family history of emotional or psychiatric problems and had a brief symptoms index (BSI, Derogatis and Melisarois 1983) score below the normalised non-psychiatric mean (male (male<0.21, female<0.36).

Remitted depressed participants reported a personal history of at least two episodes of depression and had a low current BSI score (male

Currently depressed participants reported a personal history of at least two episodes of depression and had a current BSI score above the outpatient mean (male>1.65, female>1.9).

The participants were recruited from the general population, one third through GP surgeries, two thirds through the public website (which is now closed) and an advertisement within the University of Manchester.

Ethnicity was not restricted however, participants needed English as a first language in order to complete the questionnaires. Family samples were not collected.

Samples were collected under the leadership of Professor Bill Deakin, (University of Manchester).

Date the collection commenced:  2004 (completed 2009)

If you would like further information about this sample collection please contact us.