Motor Neurone Disease

The Motor Neurone disease sample collection consists of DNA samples from adults with both familial (inherited) and sporadic MND, with symptom onset on or after January 2002. Participants with familial MND were excluded if they carried a mutation in the SOD1 gene.

Control samples were recruited from spouses, partners and caregivers of people with MND.

Two categories of family members of people with MND also participated in the collection. Samples from either two parents, or one parent and a sibling, of people with sporadic MND were collected to form Genetic trios. Samples from as many family members as possible of participants with familial MND were also collected.

Participants were recruited from MND clinics across the UK and sample collection was co-ordinated from three hub centres based in Sheffield, Birmingham and London. Ethnicity was not restricted.

The samples were collected under the leadership of Professor Pamela Shaw (University of Sheffield), Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi and Professor Chris Shaw (King’s College London) and Professor Karen Morrison (University of Birmingham) for the MND DNA collection, and was established through funding from the MND Association and the Wellcome Trust. The MND Association acts as the custodian of the collection.

Collection commenced: 2003 (completed 2012).

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