Sample and Data Access

CIGMR Biobank can facilitate access to its catalogue of collections using the following process:

  1. Contact CIGMR Biobank using the contact us functionality on this website for further details about the collection if required.  
  2. Fill in the application form which can be downloaded here and email to
  3. The application for access will be reviewed by the collecting group PI and access committee where appropriate, and a collaborative agreement established.
  4. The application for access will be reviewed by CIGMR Biobank Technical Access Committee (TAC) as described in the Sample Conservation and Replenishment section of this website.
  5. An appropriate materials transfer agreement will be set up.
  6. CIGMR Biobank will perform the necessary lab work involved in preparing the requested samples for shipping.
  7. Samples will be shipped.
  8. CIGMR Biobank will invoice charges covering the cost of lab work described in point 6.
  9. After publication, data generated is returned to CIGMR Biobank to enrich sample annotation.