Our research

The research involves the investigation of the key themes of cognition, interpersonal environments and the integration of psychological and biological explanations to derive understanding, prevention and intervention, often in the form of clinical trials or population level interventions. These spread across a range of areas, including:

Clinical psychology:

Different research programmes are linked by common themes, models and methodologies and the centre spans basic science of the understanding of health, development and evaluation of new treatments and their implementation into health services.

To achieve this, the group encompasses significant expertise across a range of methodologies, from

  • qualitative approaches,
  • discourse analysis,
  • quantitative methods,
  • trial expertise,
  • neuroscience
  • neuroimaging.

These methodologies allow us to apply psychological, social, environmental and biological models to the development of new treatments or other relevant interventions to a range of psychosocial problems, across the lifespan.