Women’s mental health

The Manchester Centre for Women’s Mental Health is a unique grouping of lead researchers on women, families and mental illness comprising international experts on prenatal and postnatal maternal environmental effects, developmental psychology and attachment and the influence of severe mental illness on these.

In addition, clinical projects work with women in prisons and in families with severe mental illness.

The centre provides an exciting multidisciplinary environment where basic neuroscience techniques blend with observational epidemiology and public health approaches for the production, dissemination and translation of world-class research in maternal, offpring and women’s mental health.


Name Job title Email address
Kathryn Abel Professor of Psychiatry and Womens Mental Health kathryn.abel@manchester.ac.uk
Tammi Walker Programme Manager tammi.walker@manchester.ac.uk
Dawn Edge BME Family Projects Lead dawn.edge@manchester.ac.uk
Ming Wai Wan Lecturer ming.w.wan@manchester.ac.uk
Lisa Heaney Research Assistant lisa.heaney@manchester.ac.uk
Cat Reid Prisons Research Assistant cat.reid@manchester.ac.uk
Amy Degnan Research Assistant / PhD student amy.degnan@manchester.ac.uk
TBC RA2 (Family Projects)  
Alya Elmadih Postdoc Research Associate alya.elmadih@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk
Dinakshi Shah MRes student dinakshi.shah@student.manchester.ac.uk
Hein Heuvelman Postdoc Research Associate Heinheuvelman@gmail.com
Dina Poursanidou Postdoc Research Associate konstantina.poursanidou@manchester.ac.uk
TBC RA1 (Perinatal Project)