Anxiety, mood, metacognitive therapy

Our programmes seek a better understanding of causal and maintenance mechanisms in anxiety and mood disorders and to develop treatments based on them. This has advanced CBT (e.g. social phobia and generalised anxiety treatment) as well as developing the newer Metacognitive Therapy (MCT). These treatments are cited in NICE clinical guidelines.

MCT is an advanced, evidence based treatment that identifies and treats a common set of factors considered to cause most types of psychological distress. It is based on the finding that styles of extended difficult to control thinking in the form of worry and rumination are central. This style is maintained by metacognition (the factors that control and modify thinking).

Our research has explored the nature and effects of worry and rumination and tested the application of new treatments in mental and physical health settings. We continue to evaluate MCT across disorders. The team has a hub at University of Manchester and research groups in Norway, Germany, Italy and Copenhagen.


Name Job title Email address
Wael El-Deredy Professor of Cognitive Electrophysiology
David Reeves Reader in Biomedical Statistics
Linda Davies Professor of Health Economics
Hans M Nordahl Professor of Clinical Psychology