Understanding the psychology of suicide (UPSide)

The UPSide research group was established in 2007 with the overarching aim of developing psychological approaches to understanding and preventing suicidal behaviour.  Our research topics include:

  • Psychological mechanisms underlying suicidality
  • Psychological mechanisms underlying resilience to suicide

Development of psychological interventions specific to the prevention of suicidal behaviour and associated distress.


Name Job title Email address
Trish Gooding Senior Lecturer in Psychology patricia.a.gooding@manchester.ac.uk
Dan Pratt Lecturer in Clinical Psychology daniel.pratt@manchester.ac.uk
Yvonne Awenat Honorary Research Fellow yvonne.awenat@manchester.ac.uk
Gillian Haddock Professor of Clinical Psychology gillian.haddock@manchester.ac.uk
Chris Armitage Professor of Health Psychology chris.armitage@manchester.ac.uk
Maria Panagioti Research Associate maria.panagioti@manchester.ac.uk
Michele Birtel Lecturer in Social Psychology michele.birtel@manchester.ac.uk
Rebecca Owen PhD Student
Rebecca Band PhD Student