Eating disorders

Across this theme, we undertake research that focuses on psychological interventions and behaviour change that utilizes psychological theories (e.g., Rubicon model, transtheoretical model) for people who are struggling with obesity (e.g., weight loss, dietary intake, physical activity). 

Work is also undertaken looking at behaviour change communication, with a focus on obesity management. This includes working with GPs, and other clinical staff in how they communicate with patients in the treatment/management of their obesity.

Another significant branch of this theme’s work has been to undertake research looking at the formal eating disorders. This has led to publications looking at emotional processes within anorexia and bulimia nervosa, treatment and management of eating disorders within pregnancy and understanding the phenomenological aspects of living with an eating disorders, such as the 'anorexic voice'.

We are also undertaking work looking at compassionate mind and the impact on carers, with a view of developing and enhancing existing treatments.


Name Job title Email address
John Fox Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Stephanie Tierney Research Fellow
Sarah Peters Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology
Jo Hart Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology
Debbie Smith Lecturer in Health Psychology
Chris Armitage Professor of Health Psychology