Laboratory and Clinical Studies of Vascular Calcification in CKD

We have an established programme of joined-up clinical, non-invasive vascular (pulse-wave analysis and velocity), laboratory and genetic investigation of vascular calcification/arterial stiffness, which is a subject of major interest to the diabetes and renal communities.

The laboratory studies involve a smooth muscle cell model of vascular calcification, and involves collaboration with Dr Ann Canfield in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research.

Clinical studies include those involving the CRISIS population, as well as a randomised controlled trial of the effects of a novel vitamin D receptor agonist upon cardiac, bone (collaboration with Professor J Adams) and vascular disease in patients with CKD treated by haemodialysis. We are the originators and organising centre for the UK calciphylaxis study.

Key Manchester researchers

  • Helen Eddington
  • Smeeta Sinha
  • Ann Canfield
  • Kirk Siddals
  • Martin Gibson
  • Rachel Middleton
  • Richard Hoefield
  • Janet Hegarty
  • Philip Kalra