Strategic Tissue Repository Alliances Through Unified Methods

CIGMR collaborated in research on the funding of biobanking via the STRATUM project, funded by the Technology Strategy Board under its Stratified Medicines Programme (Business Models and Value Systems).

In collaboration with the  Manchester Institute of Innovation Research at Manchester Business School, CIGMR has been analysing current business models of biobanks in the UK with a view to making recommendations on sustainability. 

The project had partners from industry (AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Lab 21) and from other universities (University of Nottingham and University of Leicester). STRATUM's aim was to define the building blocks for a UK network of biobanks, including a business model to enable equitable access to human biological samples and to optimise their use in biomedical research.


Stratum Cost Model.

Stratum Final Report: Financing UK Biobanks: Rationale for a National Biobanking Research Infrastructure.