Current Research in Comparative and Wildlife Genomics


CIGMR were key investigators in the EU FP7 funded project (LUPA) which brought together all major veterinary and comparative genetic research groups across Europe to identify the underlying genetic basis for a wide range of canine diseases using whole genome SNP association analysis. CIGMR has primarily focussed on autoimmune conditions, epilepsy and canine leishmanaisis.

CIGMR has also contributed to a further EU FP7 project focussed on the aetiopathogenesis of human Addison’s disease (Euradrenal).

Other project support has come from The American Kennel Club and The Morris Animal Foundation.

CIGMR now also has a growing research interest in wildlife and conservation genetics. Recent projects have included unravelling the genetic basis of scent clues for mate preference in mice and the underlying genetic diversity in Grey Wolf, African Wild Dog, Arctic Fox and Ethiopian Wolf populations. Other current projects include investigating the immunogenetic and genetic control
of immune response to leishmaniasis and rabies vaccination in canidae, and also spirocheate infection in cattle.

Key investigators: