Media Coverage and Reviews

The exhibition was attended and covered by Syrian news channel Orient News and Manchester TV channel That's Manchester.

Reviews: What did people have to say about the exhibition?

“A very moving exhibition with some incredible images. The project looks as if its offering real help to parents and children in this desperate situation. Let’s hope that peace comes soon.”
“Well done for putting together such a comprehensive and thoughtful exhibition. This is such an important topic with far reaching implications for global health in the future.”
“An eye-opening, spectacular exhibition that really casts light on matters which affect the future of this vulnerable Syrian generation”
“Well done – it’s an extremely interesting and moving exhibition, very well presented. I’ve been twice!”
“Wonderful exhibition, congratulations!!! A very powerful reminder of the conflict and its impact on children… the future of our world. And very importantly it reminded me that we can all do something to help.”
“An extremely powerful reminder of the innocence of children caught in the conflict and the urgent need to support and care for them”
“I think this exhibition was very effective since it helped academic findings reach the general public. It was very well presented.”