Parenting advice for families exposed to the Syrian conflict 

Experiences of war and displacement significantly affect families, leaving children at high risk for the development of psychological and behavioural problems. In view of the challenges faced by parents in the Syrian conflict, we conducted a series of interviews and focus groups with mothers living in refugee camps to explore their parenting experiences and needs as refugee families. They made clear their need for help with behavioural and emotional changes in their children, and with their parenting.

The scale of most crises makes plain the impossibility of providing individual interventions for all families. We have been investigating alternatives, including brief, focussed information delivered via leaflets, booklets and conversation groups. A more intensive approach includes the enhancement of an existing Teaching Recovery Techniques programme with parenting skills information.


In order to test the feasibility of delivering brief, context-specific parenting information for caregivers affected by the Syrian conflict, we developed a leaflet based on 3 main sources of information:

  1. Parenting needs identified in our previous study
  2. Evidence-based theories of parenting
  3. Feedback from refugee families who have recently resettled in the UK

The leaflet for families exposed to armed conflict is available for download in the following languages:

Meeting the needs of displaced families living in new countries

Many refugees have fled their countries experiencing conflict and violence to neighbouring countries, including European nations. We have adapted the parenting leaflet to meet the needs of parents arriving in new countries. This leaflet is available in the following languages:

We would like to thank all our volunteers who gave their time to translating the leaflet for us.


Parenting Booklet and Conversation Group

Responding to feedback on the leaflet from families, we have expanded the information into a more detailed booklet. There is an accompanying conversation group designed to enable discussion with parents.

Download materials in English and Arabic.

Further details and information on evaluation are available at:

If you translate these materials, please send us a copy so that we can share these.