Environmental Challenges

The environment of refugee camps was described by parents as placing huge pressure on their ability to care for their children.

Poor sanitary conditions

Parents were worried about the impact the extremely dirty conditions and lacked basic sanitisation was having on their children’s health. Their children had few clothes and very limited access to wash them in.

"It's hard though because of the dirt and the illness they are catching to just let them do what they want to do."



Parents were concerned about their children’s safety due to being surrounded by people they did not know unlike at home where they were familiar with people in their local community.

"I don't know who is around us. I don't know. All God's types of people are here. They can harm the children."

Some parents did not allow their children to leave their tents to play as they perceived too much danger while others did allow it despite their fears. Those who disallowed it reported it caused conflict between them and their children.



Parents reported that the chaos they lived in caused many of the problems they had with their children. They described feeling a loss of control over their daily activities and being able to plan ahead due to not knowing what to expect next. This was described as changing their parenting priorities and ability to influence and protect their children.