Questionnaires for research


Thank you for your interest in the WHOQOL (World Health Organization Quality of Life).

  • The International Hub for Quality of Life research grants permission to use the UK-English versions of the WHOQOL.
  • All WHOQOL questionnaires are copyrighted by the World Health Organization with the UK WHOQOL Centre and cannot be changed in any way.
  • If you are working with a population of English speakers within the UK then you should use the UK-English version of the WHOQOL.
  • It is neccessary that you use the correct language version for the population you are working with as the WHOQOL instruments are translated and culturally adapted.
  • You must seek permission to use other language versions from the prinicpal investigator in the country concerned.
  • To find out about other language versions please see our translations page.

Permission to use the WHOQOL is granted for each individual study.

So even if you have permission to use the WHOQOL in one study you need to contact us again if you would like to use it in other research you are planning.

To register as a User:

Use of the UK WHOQOL instrument is free, except to users who have obtained funding for their work from a pharmaceutical company or other commercial organisation, where we will charge a fee.

To find out more information about the fee and how to pay download and read the WHOQOL User information (PDF, 114 KB).


If you have any questions about using the WHOQOL please see Frequently Asked Questions.