April 2015

  • The Applied Psychology and Well-being Research Group at Manchester Metropoitan University Launch event: Wednesday 8 April 2015
    Professor Suzanne Skevington keynote address “Improving Quality of Life and Wellbeing: A Collective Goal for Applied Psychology?”

March 2015

  • Women in STEM meeting: Friday 20 March 2015. University of Plymouth
    Professor Suzanne Skevington "What do women want from a good quality of life?"
  • Manchester Centre for Health Psychology: Wednesday March 4 2015
    Dr Chris Gibbons "The ATLanTiC study: making individualised quality of life measurements a reality for patients in primary care".

January 2015

  • Manchester Centre for Health Psychology Internal Seminar:  Wednesday January 7 2015
    Dr Chris Gibbons "Evaluating the Quality of User and Carer Involvement in Mental Health Care Planning (EQUIP): co-production of a valid and reliable questionnaire measure of involvement".

    Dr Nicola Gartland "Conscientiousness and daily stress: Exploring the effects on daily health outcomes".

November 2014

  • The University of Manchester inaugural professorial lecture: Monday 24 November 2015
    Professor Suzanne Skevington "Looking for the Key: Searching for the best ways to assess qualtiy of life in health".