Sample Conservation and Replenishment

At CIGMR Biobank we recognise that there is an ethical responsibility to conserve and replenish samples appropriately.  We have developed processes and policies which aid sample collection co-ordinators with these issues.


Using CIGMR Biobank Technical Access Committee:

Collections housed at CIGMR Biobank are able to take advantage of our ‘fair access’ principle.  Applications for use of samples are reviewed by CIGMR Biobank’s ‘Technical Access Committee’ (TAC).  The purpose of the committee is to comment on and advise as to the suitability of the amount of biological sample requested by a researcher.  TAC will also review the type and suitability of platform being used to perform the tests and the number/quality of results to be generated.  If excess sample has been requested for use, TAC would advise as to the appropriate amount of sample which should be used.  If outmoded or out of date equipment or techniques are proposed, TAC will comment on this.


Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (PBLs) and EBV Immortalised Cell Lines

Where peripheral blood is collected as part of a study and budget allows, CIGMR Biobank would advise an aliquot of ACD blood be collected for separation and storage of PBL or EBV cell line construction.  When working DNA stocks become low, PBLs can be transformed and/or cell lines expanded and then DNA extracted to replenish the working DNA stocks.  CIGMR Biobank will assist collectors by monitoring the amount of DNA left in the working aliquots and advising when replenishment may be necessary.

Whole Genome Amplification

Where budget does not allow creation of PBLs or EBV cell lines, Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) may be an alternative way of replenishing diminishing DNA samples. CIGMR Biobank will assist by monitoring the amount of DNA left in working aliquots, advising when replenishment should take place, organising despatch of the appropriate amount of sample to a reputable WGA service provider and organising safe return, quantification and long term storage of the WGA DNA produced.