Sample and Data Accrual

Staff at CIGMR Biobank have been involved in launching new sample and data collecting projects for over 10 years.  We are able to help in the following ways,

  • Harmonising Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) between collecting sites
  • Providing onsite training and audit at sample and data collection sites
  • Contribution to study reference manuals
  • Providing input into standard operating procedure (SOP) content
  • Controlled roll out of projects across national and international collecting centres
  • Advice and planning of secure controlled temperature sample shipping

During the sample accrual stage of a project, CIGMR Biobank staff will give regular updates as to the status of the project such as:

  • Number of samples received at the biobank
  • Poorly performing collection centres
  • Quality and integrity of samples arriving from collection centres
  • Feedback and communication with collection sites to overcome collection related issues

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities will handle the sample processing requirements of the project and move the project through accrual to the storage phase.