Sample and Data Storage

CIGMR Biobank stores biological samples in standardised 2D and 1D barcoded vessels in order to aid quick and accurate sample retrieval.

We can provide the appropriate storage environments for your sample types such as room temperature, -20OC , -80OC and LN2.

CIGMR Biobank ISO 9001:2008 certified storage facilities will securely store your project’s samples across two geographically separate sites to guard against catastrophic loss.

At CIGMR Biobank we operate a fully customised Nautilus TM Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which will record and audit trail the processing state and storage positions of your samples for fast retrieval when requested.

CIGMR Biobanking has a collaboration with The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) for secure data storage.  Data such as clinical/phenotype data and results data such as Genome Wide Association (GWAS) data can be warehoused and accessed via EBI if required.