Our research

The Centre's research interests range from the assessment of exposure (such as to airborne pollutants or to infectious agents) through mediating factors - notably individual predisposition - to resultant adverse outcomes such as ill-health, trauma, sickness absence and mortality. The research work investigates means of prevention or risk reduction such as vaccination and occupational hygiene. It also addresses important outcomes, e.g. following trauma and the best ways of achieving them.

Our research is funded by a variety of sources including UK research councils, the European Union, the Department of Health, the Food Standards Agency, the Health and Safety Executive and various charities. A large part of our research is undertaken in collaboration with other Universities as well as with other research groups in the University of Manchester.

Research themes

Associated Research

Research outputs

Our research is published in peer reviewed international and national journals. Besides reporting to our research sponsors and presenting our findings at a range of conferences, we provide information on our website to assist in public dissemination.