Epidemiology of work-related ill health

The COEH is one of the few academic units in the UK to undertake research in occupational epidemiology. Study methods employed range from cohort designs to observational epidemiology. Research on work related ill health is also undertaken using laboratory and 'in-silico' methods.

Research areas/sub-themes

  • Incidence of work related ill health and sickness absence burden
    • THOR: The Health and Occupation Research Network 
    • THOR-gP Network
    Thousands of physicians in the British Isles participate in these research networks which undertake health surveillance through voluntary medically certified reporting. Our research fulfils functions of a national observatory on occupational disease and work related ill health. The research studies the determinants, incidence and trends in incidence of work-related disease as well as the associated sickness absence burden.
  • Study of Health in Agricultural Work (SHAW)
    Cohort and case control studies are being undertaken on farmers to investigate possible neuropsychiatric and other outcomes that might be the result of exposures at work.
  • Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSAR) in occupational asthma
    This research uses human data to predict and study asthma hazard and to postulate mechanisms for occupational asthma.
  • Occupational and environmental exposures and male reproductive health
    The research group is involved in cohort and case control studies investigating the influence of occupational and environmental exposures on male reproductive health. This includes in-vitro work on DNA damage caused by alkylating agents.
  • Trauma Audit and Research Network