Gene-environment interactions

Arguably all health and ill-health is determined by interactions between our genes and our environment. Within the research group studies have been undertaken on this concept in respect of outcomes such as the risk of lung cancer, and male infertility / semen quality.

Research areas/sub-themes

  • Characterisation and assessment of exposure
    Although it is now become progressively easier to characterise the genome, the quantification of exposure remains a very challenging proposition. This is difficult enough for prospective assessments and even more so when done retrospectively. The research group undertakes assessments such as these in its research on air pollution, on male fertility and in other areas.
  • Characterisation of susceptibility
    Susceptibility to ill-health can arise from a multitude of factors ranging from genetic to social. Aspects of susceptibility are the subject of research for example in the studies of the effect of air pollution on health.