Mechanisms of occupational asthma

Occupational asthma hazard prediction

J Jarvis, Martin Seed, Raymond Agius

Research on asthma that has been undertaken includes the development and validation of techniques to predict occupational asthma hazard from chemical structure. A programme was developed for this purpose and has been validated. Key publications by us on this subject are the following:

As mentioned in the above cited publications, a logistic regression model was developed for predicting the occupational asthma hazard of Low Molecular Weight chemicals.

Occupational asthma hazard prediction programme

Access to the web-based version is at: Occupational asthma hazard prediction programme. You will need a username and password to access this.

Further application and validation of the above tool continues. If you have used it, we would be grateful if you could feedback your results, comments (such as on how useful or easy you found it) and any queries by email to Dr Martin Seed:

For other research that is related to asthma, such as on the incidence of occupational asthma as reported through the THOR network (SWORD and OPRA), or for research on air pollution and health, please return to the parent directory.

Evaluation questionnaire

MOL file

Open this MOL file for toluene diisocyanate (it has been converted to a Word document), then copy and paste into the prediction programme to see the results.

ChemExper chemical directory

The ChemExper chemical directory can identify the structure and convert to molfile any given chemical name or CAS registry number.

Public Engagement

In order to better inform the public about occupational asthma, the prinicpal investigator for this research (Prof Raymond Agius) has made the following website available:

Professor Agius - Occupational Asthma: Current Perspectives