Parenting Programmes and Asthma

Parenting isn't always easy and parenting a child with asthma can make the task more demanding. Asthma is very common and affects 1 in 10 children. Good treatments are available but parents can find it hard to give them and stick to their doctor's advice. Few children adhere to prescribed treatments, increasing asthma.

Aims of our research

In this research project, which was funded by the NHS National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit scheme, we offered a series of 4 sessions designed to provide support for parents of young asthmatic children aged 2 to 7 years in Greater Manchester. These sessions were based on the Triple P Positive Parenting Programme, an Australian system used around the world, which helps parents to build a strong, nurturing relationship with their child, and to find new ways of managing their children's behaviour and emotions. This programme for parents of young children with asthma was studied to find out whether it would improve child behaviour, co-operation with taking medications and quality of life.

Outputs from the research

Clarke, SA, Calam, R, Morawska, A, Sanders, MR (2013) Developing web-based Triple P ‘Positive parenting programme’ for families of children with asthma. Child: Care, Health and Development