Parenting programmes for first-time mothers at risk of postnatal depression

We recently evaluated a new type of parenting support called the 'Baby Triple P-Positive Parenting Programme', and tested how helpful it is to first time mothers who are at some risk of postnatal depression. More specifically, the study aimed to find out if the programme is effective in reducing symptoms associated with postnatal depression and in improving the relationship between mums and their babies. Baby Triple P is also being trialled in Australia.

The programme aims to help mums cope with stressful situations, look after oneself as a new parent, help mums settle their babies and help their babies to sleep, know what their babies need, promote their babies development, how to have a loving and positive relationship with their babies and how to look after their relationships with their partners. If the results show that programme has been successful, Baby Triple P will join the suite of evidence-based interventions disseminated internationally.