CIGMR Biobank aims to contribute toward solving the problem of creating a biobanking network. Not for you – but with you. The construction of such a network is essential for competitive biomedical experimental research because this research requires access to samples from large numbers of healthy and unwell volunteers which need to be collected via an organized national or international network.   Scientific researchers require speedy access to consistently high quality and deeply annotated human samples in order to be able to answer basic research questions about the causes of disease.

Building a network of resources requires a step by step approach in developing consensus plans, agreeing consensus standards and constructing shared sustainable solutions. As far as possible, each step must add scientific value – otherwise funding that step becomes even more difficult.

CIGMR Biobank is being developed to improve researchers’ access to existing collections of annotated samples and to provide researchers access to quality-tested solutions that facilitate new collections.

CIGMR Biobank will contribute to the maturation of plans and standards for a national biobanking network. Not for you – but with you.