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Parenting programs in low and middle income countries


There is a need to develop research on the applicability and effectiveness of evidence-based parenting programs in lower-income countries.

We have recently completed a series of studies in Panama, a low-income country in Central America, to find out whether the Triple P program was culturally acceptable and effective in this context.

Amongst the studies, a randomized-controlled trial with 108 parents was carried out. Parents were recruited from high-risk neighbourhoods in urban areas of Panama city.

Data from these studies will help to guide further research into the implementation of parenting programs in low and middle income countries.

Duration of the project

3 years

Funding body

  • National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation in Panama
  • The University of Manchester

Members of the project

Professor Rachel CalamSupervisor
Dr Fiona UlphSupervisor
Professor Matthew R. SandersSupervisor
Dr Anilena MejiaPhD student

Short documentary on the life of women from high-risk communities in Panama


  • Mejia, A., Calam, R., & Sanders, M. R. (2012). A Review of Parenting Programs in Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges for Preventing Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties in Children. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 15(2), 163-175. DOI: 10.1007/s10567-012-0116-9. Publication link: 2a3adb99-941b-4355-a02b-cac23c8af2f7