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Great Parenting Experiment: The Effects of Media Based Delivery of Parenting Advice on Anti-Social Behaviour in Children


This study examined the impact of a TV series, "Driving Mum and Dad Mad" on parents who watched the series.  some parents were selected at random to also recieve a workbook to accompany the series, and to have access to addtional web-based resources.

Duration of the project

2 years

Funding body

Respect Task Force

Members of the project

Professor Rachel CalamPrincipal investigator

This project is now completed, and the results are published.

Sanders, MR, Calam, R, Durand, M, Liversidge, T and Carmont, SA. (2008) Does self-directed and web-based support for parents enhance the effects of viewing a reality television series based on the Triple P Positive Parenting programme? Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 49(9) 924-932.

Calam, RM, Sanders, MR, Carmont, SA, Miller, C & Sadhnani, V, (2008) Can technology and the media help reduce dysfunctional parenting and increase engagement with preventative parenting interventions? Child Maltreatment, 13(4) 347-361.