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December 2009

Paper Accepted:

  • J.E. Warren, J.T. Crinion, M.A. Lambon Ralph, & R.J.S. Wise (2009). "Anterior temporal lobe connectivity predicts functional outcome after aphasic stroke." Brain, 132, 3428-3442.

Book Chapter published

Raymond Clarke and Ray Wilkinson had a chapter published in a book on children's social interactions (Clarke, M. and Wilkinson, R. (2009) 'Chapter 13: Communication aid use in children's conversation: Time, timing and speaker transfer' in 'Analysing Interactions in Childhood: insights from conversation analysis', Gardner, H. (ed.)

September - November 2009

Award: Ray Wilkinson and Michael Clarke (Ray's PhD student at UCL) have been awarded the ISAAC/AAC Editor's Award for 'most significant student article' of 2008 for their paper, 'Interaction between children with cerebral palsy and their peers 2: Understanding initiated VOCA-mediated turns', published in the journal 'Augmentative and Alternative Communication'.

Published paper: Bloch, S. and Wilkinson, R. (2009) Acquired dysarthria in conversation: Identifying sources of understanding problems. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 44, 5, 769-783.

Keynote presentation: Ray recently gave a keynote address at the South African Neurological Rehabilitation Association Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. The presentation was entitled 'Assessing and treating functional language use: Targeting couple's conversations'.

2 November 2009

Matt Lambon Ralph's paper accepted. K.V. Embleton, H.A. Haroon, D.M. Morris, M.A. Lambon Ralph, and G.J.M. Parker (in press). Distortion correction for diffusion weighted MRI and tractography in the temporal lobes." Human Brain Mapping

9 October 2009

Jakke Tamminen is awarded an ESRC fellowship to do a postdoc on sleep and semantic memory with Penny Lewis and Matt Lambon-Ralph.

1 October 2009

Simon Durrant's new article 'Tracking Transfer with Functional Connectivity' is published in Current Biology

29 September 2009

Matt Lambon Ralph and Karen Sage's paper accepted. C. Snell, K. Sage, and M.A. Lambon Ralph (in press). "How many words should we provide in anomia therapy? A meta-analysis and a case series study." Aphasiology.

July/August 2009

18 August 2009

Patti Adank's paper accepted in JASA. Patti Adank and Esther Janse, "Perceptual learning of time-compressed and natural fast speech" to appear in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Papers accepted:

  • Maya Soni, Anna Woollams and Matt Lambon Ralph have had a paper published in the Journal of Neurolinguistics; M. Soni, M.A. Lambon Ralph, K. Noonan, S. Ehsan, C. Hodgson, & A.M. Woollams 2009, ""L" is for tiger: Effects of phonological (mis)cueing on picture naming in semantic aphasia." Journal of Neurolinguistics, 22, 538-547.
  • Anna Woollams had her paper "Making Sense of Progressive Non-fluent Aphasia: An Analysis of Conversational Speech" accepted into 'Brain'
  • Matt Lambon Ralph's paper looking at the status of abstract vs concrete concepts in SD recently appeared in Neuropsychology. This is also the core paper in which the 96 synonym judgement test (which we use so much these days) makes its formal appearance (E. Jefferies, K. Patterson, R.W. Jones, & M.A. Lambon Ralph (2009). "Comprehension of concrete and abstract words in semantic dementia." Neuropsychology, 23, 492-49)
  • Matt Lambon Ralph's paper with Paul Conroy and Karen Sage ("Predicting the outcome of anomia therapy for people with aphasia post CVA: Both language and cognitive status are key predictors.") has been accepted into Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
  • Patti Adank paper has been accepted in NeuroImage; "On-line plasticity in spoken sentence comprehension: Adapting to time-compressed speech", Patti Adank and Joseph T. Devlin.
  • Ray Wilkinson's paper "The collaborative construction of non- serious episodes of interaction by non-speaking children with cerebral palsy and their speaking peers." was published in Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics (23, 8, 561-575)
  • Gorana Pobric paper has appeared in Cortex (G. Pobric, M.A. Lambon Ralph and E. Jefferies (2009). "The role of the anterior temporal lobes in the comprehension of concrete and abstract words: rTMS evidence." Cortex, 45, 1104-1110).
  • Faye Corbett had her paper published in Brain (F. Corbett, E. Jefferies, S. Ehsan, and M.A. Lambon Ralph (2009). "Different impairments of semantic cognition in semantic dementia and semantic aphasia: Evidence from the non-verbal domain." Brain, 132, 2593-2608).

Grant awarded: Ray Wilkinson, Karen Sage and Paul Conroy of CNLD won a new NIHR fellowship for Sarah Fox to undertake a PhD called 'Extending and evaluating conversation-focused therapy: Optimizing the ability of couples where one partner has aphasia to cope with conversation' from January 2010 - January 2013

June 2009

Papers accepted:

  • Faye Corbett and Matt Lambon Ralph had their paper "Exploring multimodal semantic control impairments in semantic aphasia: Evidence from naturalistic object use." accepted into Neuropsychologia
  • Matt Lambon Ralph, Anna Woollams and Maya Soni had the paper accepted on cueing effects in the SA patients has accepted for publication (Soni, M., Lambon Ralph, M. A., Noonan, K., Ehsan, S., Hodgson, C. and Woollams, A. "L" is for tiger: Effects of phonological (mis)cueing on picture naming in semantic aphasia." Journal of Neurolinguistics)
  • Matt Lambon Ralph submitted his paper "Semantic family resemblances are computed in the anterior temporal lobes." This was in collaboration with Emily Mayberry and Karen Sage and was based on the first set of data from their under- and over-generalisation matching experiments
  • Anna Woollams paper "Past-tense generation from form versus meaning: Behavioural data and simulation evidence." was recently published in Journal of Memory and Language (61, 55-76)

May 2009

Matt Lambon Ralph was elected as the next President of the British Neuropsychological Society. This is the premier academic neuropsychological society. He is now formally President-elect and takes up the position properly from March 2010 for two years.

Papers accepted:

  • Anna Woollams' paper "Past-tense generation from form versus meaning: Behavioural data and simulation evidence." was accepted into the Journal of Memory and Language.
  • Maya Visser achieved wholly positive reviews following her paper "Semantic processing in the anterior temporal lobes: A meta-analysis of the functional neuroimaging literature." being accepted in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.
  • Krist Noonan had his paper exploring the nature of semantic control problems ("Elucidating the nature of deregulated semantic cognition in semantic aphasia: Evidence for the roles of prefrontal and temporoparietal cortices.") accepted in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.
  • Faye Corbett and Matt Lambon Ralph had their paper "Different impairments of semantic cognition in semantic dementia and semantic aphasia: Evidence from the non-verbal domain." accepted into Brain.

April 2009

Grant awarded: Ray Wilkinson, Paul Hoffman and Karen Sage have been awarded a Stroke Association bursary of £105,000 to support a new PhD student (Marcella Carragher) in the project: Improving the talk of speakers with non-fluent aphasia: Evaluating the combination of impairment-focused therapy and interaction therapy.

Papers accepted:

  • Paul Hoffman's "Semantic memory is key to binding phonology: Converging evidence from immediate serial recall in semantic dementia and healthy participants." was included in Neuropsychologia.
  • Matt Lambon Ralph, Karen Sage, Christina Green and Marcello Berthier's paper ("Relearning and retention of verbal labels in a case of semantic dementia") was included in Asphasiology
  • Roland Zahn whose paper "Subgenual cingulate activity reflects individual differences in empathic concern" was accepted into Neuroscience Letters

January - March 2009

27 March 2009

Paul Conroy (Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy) has had a paper published in Aphasiology on "A comparison of word versus sentence cues as therapy for verb naming in aphasia".

27 March 2009

Lauren Cloutman (Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy) has had a paper published in Cortex on "Where (in the brain) do semantic errors come from?".

5 March 2009

Paper published in Cerebral Cortex on "Conceptual knowledge is underpinned by the temporal pole bilaterally: Convergent evidence from rTMS".

26 February 2009

Paper published in Neuropsychologia on "The association between semantic dementia and surface dyslexia in Japanese".

15 January 2009

Paul Conroy (Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy) has had a paper accepted in Aphasiology on "Errorless and errorful therapy for verb and noun naming in aphasia", the PDF will be available once in press.

12 January 2009

Penny Lewis has had a paper accepted in Phil. Trans. of the Royal Society on "The precision in teporal judgement - milliseconds, many minutes and beyond", PDF will be available once in press.