iBASIS in Australia

Australian Infant Communication and Engagement Study (AICES)

We are working in partnership with the Telethon Kids Institute, Western Australia Child Development Service and Latrobe University on the Australian Infant Communication and Engagement Study (AICES). This is a multisite (Perth, Melbourne) randomized control trial of our iBasis-VIPP therapy with infants showing early delay in social and communication development. The aim is to understand how to best support these infants.

IBasis-VIPP is a parent-mediated, video-aided feedback therapy which aims to optimise social and communication development in infants aged 9-14 months by helping parents understand and adapt to their infant's communication style. The therapy involves 10 sessions over a 5-month period. The i-Basis VIPP intervention will be compared to current, best practice protocols in the community for infants with social and communication delays. The teams in Australia are working with child health services to identify infants that may benefit from early intervention. Infants enrolled in the study will complete several assessments with the research team over a two year period so that we can see how they are improving and developing up until they are around three years of age.

The study is funded by Telethon-Perth Children’s Hospital Research Fund; Autism Cooperative Research Centre; La Trobe University and The Angela Wright Bennett Foundation