About iBASIS

iBASIS is an innovative study assessing the impact and feasibility of an infancy intervention in siblings of children already diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.


Recent research has suggested the possibility of early intervention for infants at risk of developing autism. Evidence suggests that some aspects of brain and genetic development may be responsive to environmental effects, especially during the estimated 1000 hours of one to one social interaction in the first year with caregivers. Given this, iBASIS aims to target and modify aspects of the infant's environment.

What is iBASIS?

iBASIS is a study within the BASIS network to assess whether a parent-support programme could have a useful impact on parents and infant siblings of a child with autism. We are looking specifically at whether parents would value the intervention programme and whether there would be an impact on later child development.

The intervention is aimed to help parents understand their infant's communication style and adapt responses to promote optimal social and communication development.

This is the first experimental trial of a targeted intervention at the end of the 1st year of life in infant siblings of children already diagnosed with autism.

Through the intervention, we aim to shift aspects of behaviours, brain function and genetic expression.

Research Ethics Committee Reference: 09/HO718/14