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Deaf People with Dementia Research Project

Specialist Clinic

Do you know a Deaf BSL user who has developed memory or thinking problems? Appointments are now being offered for Deaf patients at a top UK neurology hospital.

The Specialist Cognitive Disorders clinic at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queen Square in London is now accepting referrals of patients who are Deaf British sign language (BSL) users.

We are using new tests which are designed for Deaf BSL users. You will meet a psychologist fluent in BSL and a neurologist doctor with a sign language interpreter.

You can be referred if you are: 

1) An Adult

2) A Deaf BSL user

3) Have new problems with memory or thinking, which you did not have before. 

4) Live in the UK and are happy to travel to the clinic. 

If you wish to get a referral please talk to your GP or social worker. Show them this information. 

Information for professionals

This is a mainstream diagnostic clinic for acquired cognitive disorders in people that have not previously had cognitive impairments. Appointment slots are now available for Deaf patients.  

Suitable patients for referral are Deaf BSL users with memory difficulties or other acquired cognitive difficulties, which are new rather than lifelong problems for that person.

Deaf patients will be seen within the existing cognitive disorders service for full medical and neuropsychological assessment. BSL interpreters will be available for neurologist and nurse assessments.Neuropsychology assessment will be completed by a clinical psychologist fluent in BSL using new cognitive screening tests designed for Deaf signers.

Referral information
We are only accepting referrals of deaf BSL users with acquired rather than developmental cognitive difficulties where a decline in function has occurred in adulthood, particularly those with suspected dementia or neurodegeneration.

Referrals are accepted from anywhere in the UK.

Referrals should be made by letter from the patient's GP and clearly detail the problem.

Please ensure GP states in the referral letter that the patient is a Deaf BSL user otherwise we will not know to offer them an appointment suitable for deaf patients.

At present we are unable to accept referrals of deaf patients who do not know BSL- Please ensure that the patient is a sign language user.

GP should send referral letter to:
Dr Cath Mummery, Consultant Neurologist
Specialist Cognitive Disorders Service
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
8-11 Queen Square

If you have questions about appropriateness of referral, please contact