The Deaf People with Dementia Research Project is part of the
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work
Deaf People with Dementia Research Project

Progress so far

This research project is now completed.

Ethical approval

Ethical approval was granted throughout UCL ethics committee for Study 1. Ethical approval for Study 3 was granted by the University of Manchester Ethics Committee. Ethical approval for Study 2 was granted by Manchester South NRES Committee.

Study 1 progress

A major data collection for this study has taken place at Lowestoft and at Prestatyn during the annual English Deaf Darby and Joan holidays. Data is now being analysed to develop culturally-appropriate BSL assessment tools for Deaf people who may have dementia. A specialist clinic has been set up in London. Please click on 'Information about the specialist clinic' for more information.

Please see BSL video below for Study 1 update.

Study 2

We have secured ethical approval for Study 2 (from a capacity REC) which means we can start recruiting. Please click on 'How I can get involved' for more information about the interviews. We hope to recruit ten Deaf people living with dementia and will chat with them with their carer present.

Study 3

We held three focus groups in the autumn in London with the support of RAD. 26 Deaf BSL users offered their views on what they understood about dementia and its' impact on the Deaf community.

In addition, we held an Alzheimer's Society training day to discuss dementia and the Deaf community. 23 staff were present. The discussions we had on the day were all recorded as data.

Steering Committee

A steering committee continues to monitor and support the progress of the project.

The members are from professional, academic, third sector and lay backgrounds consisting of both Deaf and hearing people. The steering committee members are:

February 2014 update

We have used the research results to create a new project. It will help Deaf people with dementia and their carers to create personal life story books in BSL using Deaf history.

The BDA are working with us on this project. We were awarded the funding as part of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge.

To find out more go to:     There is a BSL video there.