What is this research project about?

We are looking for people who work at any level as IAPT practioners, either in BSL IAPT and or in standard IAPT services.  We are seeking volunteers to help us find out what local IAPT services are like for Deaf people who are BSL users.  This will form part of our research into the effectiveness of IAPT services for Deaf people.

It does not matter if you have no experience of working with a Deaf clients because we are intersted in what would happen within your service if a Deaf client was referred.  If you do have experience of providing IAPT services to Deaf people, we are intersted in how that is done and what you think about its effectiveness.

At the moment, BSL Healthy Minds offer an adapted version of IAPT aimed at meeting the cultural and linguistic needs of Deaf people (BSL IAPT).  We are aware that a small number of IAPT practitioners provide a similar adapted version of IAPT whilst based within a standard IAPT service.  In most of England, Deaf people access standard IAPT which might be through an interpreter, and the PHQ-9, GAD-7 and WSAS assessments may be used in written English rather than in BSL.  It is important to us to identify how IAPT services for Deaf people in England vary in their delivery of services and what effects this may have.

If I agree to take part, what is involved?

We would like you invite you to complete a questionnaire.  You can do this by filling in the questionnaire either online or as a paper-based version.  The online version is in BSL as well as in English.  The questionnaire should take about 20 minutes to complete.  Examples of topics that will be cover include:

  • Basic information about your professional background and experience
  • Available services for Deaf clients
  • Accessibility of services for Deaf clients
  • Use of assessments with Deaf clients

Will my information be kept confidential?

The information about you and your thoughts and views will not be passed on to anyone outisde the reserach team nor published using your name.  Alla data will be stored securely at the University of Manchester and all personal information will be destroyed after research project is finished.

Study data and material may be looked at by individuals from the University of Manchester, from regulatory authorities or from the NHS Trust, for monitoring and auditing of research, and this may well include access to personal information.

Will I be paid to take part?

No, but taking part in this study will not cost you anything as all materials will be provided for you.

What will happen to the information that is collected?

The information will be analysed by members of the BSL-IAPT Research Team.  The results will allow us to describe accurately what happens for Deaf BSL users when they are referred to and attend IAPT services.  These results will help us design a later stage of the project.  This later stage will test how Deaf BSL users can be recruited into a trial that measures how well they respond to treatment and how cost effective the therapy is when comparing a specialist service (BSL IAPT) with standard IAPT plus adjustments such as an interpreter.

We will also write up the results from this research in their own right, to explain what we have learnt about the variation in pathways that Deaf BSL users take through IAPT services.  We will summarise the results from the questionnaire and analyse the themes that can be seen within the interviews.  We may use direct quotes from the questionnaire or interviews to illustrate the results, but these will be completely anonymised so no one would be able to identify who has taken part in the research.


If you have concern about any aspect of this study, you should ask to speak to the research team who will do their best to answer your questions.  If they are unable to resolve your concern or you wish to make a complaint regarding the study, you can contact the Principal (Lead) Investigator for the research, Professor Alys Young, at   Alys can contact you by email or arrange to speak to you by phone/videolink in either BSL or English.  If these contacts did not answer your concerns, please contact a University Research Practice and Governance Co-ordinator on 0161 275 75383 or 0161 275 8093 or by email to .

If I want more information, who should I contact?

If you like more information about this study, you can contact Rachel Belk, Trial Manager, by email: and she can arranged to speka to you via Skype (BSL) or by phone (English).

If I am willing to take part, what do I do now?

You do not have to take part in this research study, and if you do, you can still withdraw at any time.  If you decide to take part, you can complete the questionnaire, either on paper or online at this link:


Thank you for reading through this information.