EQ-5D BSL study

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We are looking for volunteers to take part in a pilot study of the BSL version of the EQ-5D questionnaire. The EQ-5D questionnaire is about health. There are only five questions in the EQ-5D.

Why is this study important?

The EQ-5D questionnaire is commonly used in health care services with hearing people. It would be very helpful if it could also be used with Deaf people but at the moment there is no BSL version. Having good assessment tools in BSL could help to identify people's health difficulties in the earliest stages. This would mean that they could get appropriate support from health care services sooner.

Who can take part?

We are looking for people who are:

  • British Sign Language users
  • Deaf
  • Over 18 years old
  • Currently having (or not having) difficulties relating to their health

If you decide to take part, what should you do now?

The first study is now closed, but you can look at it for interest here:

You can take part in the second study below:

If you want more information, who should you contact?

If you are interested in taking part in this study or for more information, you can contact a member of the research team, Rachel Belk or Catherine Nassimi-Green or by SMS: +44(0)7824 561219.