Acceptability of randomisation study

We are looking for volunteers to help us explore randomisation as a way of doing research. Some research projects compare one kind of service with another e.g. they compare service A with service B.  If people take part in a study like this, it might mean that they have no choice which service they receive; A or B.  The research study decides which service you are given because there is no evidence that one is better than the other. This is called randomisation.

We want to know your views about this kind of research project. Would you find it acceptable?  What do you think Deaf people might like or dislike about this kind of approach?

We would like to invite you to attend two discussion groups so that we can find out;

  • What you think is the best way to explain in BSL about randomisation.
  • Your thoughts about whether it is acceptable to do randomisation with Deaf BSL users or not.

Finally, we might invite you to take part in a different discussion group to assist on the development of materials in BSL for a future study linked to this.

We will give you a £30 voucher for each time you attend a discussion group.

Why is this study important?

At the moment, in some parts of England, Deaf people can use BSL Healthy Minds (BSL IAPT) and they have support from Deaf professionals.  In other parts of England, mainstream IAPT services are offered. We are studying which works best for which people and why.

To carry out this research project in the future, we need to understand what is the best way to carry out the research.  One option might be to give some Deaf people the BSL IAPT service and others the mainstream IAPT service, and then to compare their experiences. We need to find out if Deaf people think that this is an acceptable way to do research or not.

Who can take part?

We are looking for people who are:

  • British Sign Language users
  • Deaf
  • Over 18 years old

If you are previous service user of IAPT service, you can take part. We will ask you to come to two discussion groups.

If you decide to take part, what should you do now?

If you are interested to take part in this study, you can contact one of the research team, Catherine Nassimi-Green. Their contact details can be found below.

If you want more information, who should you contact?

You can contact Catherine Nassimi-Green at

Information about this study is also available in English:

Participant Information Sheet (PDF, 92 KB)

This poster is available to download as a PDF document below. Please feel free to pass copies to anyone you know who may be interested.

Volunteers needed poster (PDF, 141 KB)