Nucleic Acid Extraction

DNA Extraction from blood

CIGMR Biobank has over ten years experience in providing genomic DNA extraction services.  We have a proven track record of extracting DNA suitable for GWAS on leading technologies such as Illumina® and Affymetrix, a wide range of candidate gene approaches as well as first and second generation sequencing platforms.  We provide automated DNA extraction solutions from whole blood, buffy coat or saliva using magnetic bead technologies on the Hamilton Chemagic STAR DNA extraction robot or the PSS Magtration® System 8Lx robotic work station.  Where legacy collection or clotted blood samples make automated DNA extraction difficult, we have in-house expertise of manual DNA extraction techniques which give good quality high yield DNA from difficult samples.

RNA Extraction from blood

CIGMR Biobank can offer an RNA extraction service, from both Tempus™ and PAXgene® blood collection tubes as well as tissue samples.  Extracted samples are quantified using absorbance based technology and quality controlled using the Agilent 2100 bioanalyser.