Patient user experiences

Ode to a Physician

I had a consultant whom I thought was great,
Between visits to him, I never could wait.
I'd tell him my problems, for I knew he would show
Great understanding to soften the blow.
He was so kind and caring - never looked at the clock,
And these characteristics no doctor could mock
I am not with him now, but since I left his fold
I have met many others, but these others are cold.
No warm sense of humour, no chiding is there,
I only wish I was still in his care.

by Zena McLoughlin, a patient of Prof Anthony Jones, who suffers from Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia

Volunteer experiences of research studies

"Dear Ann, We met 19/5/09 Prof Jones clinic. I told you that I had participated in the Breathworks course for the management of chronic pain and that the course had changed my life! Although my pain will never go away, but the course gave me tools to deal with it, accept it and not let it ruin my life. I suffer from severe FM and before the disease I was ambitious, super active and an achiever. I have plans to re-train as a Breathworks trainer as I believe I have a lot to give to other people in my situation."

from a patient with fibromyalgia, female

"Thanks for including me in the study yesterday.  I was a bit nervous before I got there because you never really know what to expect.  However, you all put me at ease and the whole study was explained very well and carried out very professionally.  You all made me smile and feel very comfortable.  There was no reason for me to be nervous and thank you for that.

I hope you will consider me for studies in the future."

from a healthy volunteer, male, 41yrs