PhD Students / Medical Students

Current Students

Ariane Delgado Sanchez

PhD Student 

Validation of a new tool for pain phenotyping



Nayab Begum

PhD Student

Study title: Emotion as a function of prediction


Previous Students

Kajal Patel

MSc Student

Effects Of Neurofeedback In The Management Of Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review Of Clinical Trials


Heather Sutherland

MSc Student

 Investigating Alpha Power Modulation Via Neurofeedback As A Tool For Pain Management: A Pilot Study

Hassaan Ahmed

MRes student

Stimulating the brain with tactile sensations to reduce chronic pain

Sarah Martin

PhD Student

Study Title: A Neurophysiological Investigation of Pain in Parkinson's Disease

Vinicius Possamai

MSc in Clinical Rheumatology

Study title: Identification of a unique electroencephalographic signature for musculoskeletal pain seconday to arthritic pain

Marie Shorrock

MNeuro Masters

Study title: Auditory binaural beat stimulation as a novel, non-pharmacological therapy for chronic pain: a pilot study

Emily Hird

PhD Student

Study title: Using the pain feedback related negativity to investigate placebo analgesia

Grace Whittaker

PhD Student

Study title: Investigating the role of striatal dopamine on cognition

Nadeem Jamal

MRes Student

Study title: Identification of a pain resilience signal in the brain

Javin Sandhu

MRes Student

Study title: Identification of a unique electroencephalographic signature for musculoskeletal pain

Dr Abeer Almarzouki

PhD Student

Thesis title: Electrophysiological and psychological exploration of response expectancy in relation to positive messages of pain. Submitted May 2014 - Awarded April 2015

Dr Kathy Ecsy

PhD Student

Thesis title: Analgesic effects of EEG alpha-wave entrainment on acute and chronic pain - Awarded November 2014

Kayleigh Mason

PhD Student

Thesis title: Central and peripheral mechanisms of pain in osteoarthritis of the knee, awarded Dec 2014

Mike Fairclough

PhD Student

Thesis title: PET radiochemistry for the investigation of the biology of pain caused by degenerative joint disease, awarded July 2015

Matthew Leung

MRes Student

Study Title: Variations in electrophysiological response to different placebo analgesic modalities

Nathan Huneke

MRes Student

Study Title: Chronic Pain and the Brain: The evidence for altered neurophysiology of nociception in patients with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia

Dominic Itodo

MPhil Student

Thesis title: Effect of personality on pain control in healthy volunteers, awarded May 2011

Debbie Morton

PhD Student

Awarded 2009

Dr Christopher Brown

PhD Student

Thesis title: Modulation of Anticipatory Processing by Expectation and Attention, awarded Feb 2008

Dr Alison Watson

PhD Student

Thesis title: Neurophysiology of the human placebo response, awarded Feb 2008