Members of the Centre are active in both postgraduate and undergraduate teaching within the Institute of Cancer Sciences and Manchester Medical School.

Dr Guy Makin is the Programme Director for the MRes in Oncology, and both Professor Vaskar Saha and Dr Stefan Meyer have supervised research projects for MRes students.

A number of first year student selected components (SSCs), that are offered under the supervision of the Centre, both in childhood cancer, and cancer more generally, as well as in other areas of paediatrics. We previously offered year 3 and year 4 SSCs in childhood, teenage and young adult cancer, and now offer year 3 Personal Excellence Path (PEP) placements instead.

Year 4 project option placements are a popular choice, and both Dr Guy Makin and Dr Stefan Meyer are year 4 firm leads for the Families and Children module. Dr Stefan Meyer is the Medical School Lead for the European Option.