About us

The Centre for Paediatric, Teenage and Young Adult Cancer comprises of four clinical and two non-clinical academic group leaders and a number of NHS clinicians from a range of disciplines organised into a number of research groups with a shared remit to understand more of the factors that determine the development, behaviour and response to treatment of cancers in children and young people.

Total research grant income for the Department is approximately £2 million per year, currently made up of five programme grants and over 30 project grants. The research groups are spread between:

We also have a number of significant and established research collaborations within the Faculty, across the University and with colleagues throughout the UK and internationally.

In addition to laboratory-based research, members of the centre are active in clinical trials (both early and late phase) and in translational research, both locally, and as part of wider collaborations, including the ITCC (Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer) and the NIHR-funded paediatric network ECMC (Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre), for which Manchester is the lead centre.