Sharing clinical expertise

A good way to share clinical expertise and learn from others is by joining a specialist interest group at the University. To share and gain knowledge on your clinical specialism, you can join two specialist interest groups:

Manchester Aphasia Group

The Manchester Aphasia Group was formed to enable on-going discussion and information sharing across clinical and academic boundaries. It provides a friendly environment in which SLTs can:

  • Share ideas
  • Gain new information
  • Interact with like-minded therapists and researchers
  • Have an opportunity to discuss patient data and clinical queries

The group meets bi-monthly and each member is asked to commit to attending at least four out of the six meetings and to present clinical or research data for discussion. At these meetings, researchers working in the field of aphasia provide details of their research projects to enable therapists to inform their clients of projects that they may wish to participate in.

Paediatric Communication Disorders Research Group (North West)

The Paediatric Communication Disorders Research Group (North West) was formed to allow clinicians to meet to share expertise, obtain advice and information. Three meetings are held per year. For further information about the group, contact Catherine Adams:
+44 (0)161 275 3368

The Manchester Aphasia Group and the Paediatric Communication Disorders Research Group (North West) are part of the Neuroscience and Aphasia Research Unit (NARU) at The University of Manchester.