Neuroscience and psychology of sleep (NaPS)

Current interests in the lab fall into three main categories, consolidation of:

New book

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We use PSG, fMRI and behavioural measures.
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PhD opportunities

We are looking for PhD students. See our general areas of interest (above) as well as formal PhD projects (via link below):

People in the group

Name Job title Email address
Dr Penny Lewis Senior Lecturer / Head of Group
Suliman Belal Postdoctoral Research Associate
Isabel Hutchinson PhD student
Dr Simon Kyle Lecturer in Clinical and Health Psychology
Jules Schneider PhD student
Alessandra Tafuro Intern  
Tia Tsimpanouli PhD student
Hikaru Tsujimura PhD student
Jorien Witjas Intern  

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Lab alumni


  • Weekly Journal Club
    5.00 pm on Tuesdays, Room T1, Zochonis Building
  • Guest Lecture:  Prof. Tim Rogers, University of Wisconsin
    25 February 2015
  • Guest Lecture: 'Memory improvement through offline learning that continues with sleep' - Professor Ken Paller Northwestern University
    4 December 2014
  • Guest Lecture: 'How do our brains respond to novel words' - Dr. Atsuko Takashima Donders Institute
    10 September 2014
  • Guest Lecture: 'Sleep and Memory: Mechanisms and Caveats' - Dr. Lisa Genzel Edinburgh
    29 January 2014


We are the proud owners of a brand new two-bed sleep lab, complete with two full N7000 polysomnography (PSG) systems from Embla and a number of dedicated sleep-monitoring computers with full licenses to the latest Somnologica software.



The lab collaborates extensively with the

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