Normal and impaired language, conversation and social communication

Current research

  • Investigating the production and understanding of spoken language and its disorders using a range of approaches (neuroimaging, neuropsychology, linguistics, conversation analysis)
  • Analysing a range of speech and language disorders and treatment for those disorders including aphasia, Alzheimer’s Disease and semantic dementia
  • Analysing language change in individuals over time, including longitudinal studies of language recovery or deterioration and response to treatment
  • Investigating the processes involved in reading and writing, how these break down after brain damage in acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia, and how these disorders may be treated. This research involves a number of convergent methodologies (experimental psychology, computational modelling, neuropsychology, neuroimaging)
  • Investigating the interaction between different levels of communicative functioning including naming, sentence production, monologue production and conversation
  • Investigating the neural basis of social communication with a special emphasis on social knowledge and how it enables sharing of social and moral values and thereby promotes prosocial behaviour

  • Investigating disorders of access to or representation of social knowledge and associated neuropsychiatric symptoms


Research projects

Ongoing and completed studies plus student PhD/MPhil projects