The Centre is active in the delivery of undergraduate courses within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health and within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Foundation year courses

Staff members in the Centre deliver the University Component of the foundation year ('year 0') for medical and dental students who do not have the necessary science qualifications for direct entry to the five-year medicine and dentistry courses.

Year 1: student selected components (SSC)

The staff members of Imaging Sciences contribute several SSC projects for the Year 1 students of the MBChB programme.

Physics applied to medicine and biology

The Centre delivers this option to third- and fourth-year Physics undergraduates in the School of Physics and Astronomy in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

This module provides an introduction to medical imaging, comprising lectures on magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, and X-ray and ultrasound imaging.

Computer science

The Centre delivers a third/fourth year option in Computer Vision to students in the School of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

This optional module provides students with an introduction to methods for analysis and understanding of images. While several illustrative examples from Medical Image Analysis are used, the module addresses research issues in Computer Vision more generally, including object detection, description and recognition, the use of models, including statistical models, stereo vision and interpretation of motion.