The Human Memory and Amnesia neuroscience Laboratory (HuMAn Lab) is dedicated to the study of memory in healthy people, the elderly, children and neuropsychological patients of various aetiologies. Our main focus is to understand the functions and mechanisms that support memory, their neural underpinnings and the effects of different types of brain damage on these.

Academic Members

Name Job title Email address
Professor Daniela Montaldi Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Professor Andrew Mayes Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr Alex Kafkas Post-doctoral Research Associate in Cognitive Neuroscience

Researchers and students

Name Job title Email address
Tom Couch PhD student
Daniel Cox PhD student
Carlos Alexandre Gomes PhD student
Sareh Malekpour PhD student
Liam Mason PhD student
Jenni McGahan Research Assistant
Oana Mereuta PhD student
Jenna Roberts PhD student