New Treatments and Understanding in Mental Health (CeNTrUM): members A-Z

Name Job titles Email address
Adrian Wells Professor of Clinical and Experimental Psychopathology
Alison Fisher Lecturer (Teaching Focus)
Alison Wearden Professor of Health Psychology
Alison Yung Clinical Professor in Psychiatry
Andrea Hutcheson Head of Administration for the Institute of Inflammation and Repair and the Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Mental Health
Angela Downing Senior Teaching Fellow / PRG Director
Anja Wittkowski Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Anna Murphy Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Anthony Morrison Professor of Clinical Psychology
Barbara Tomenson Statistician (Part-Time)
Bill Deakin Professor of Psychiatry and Director NPU
Chris Armitage Professor of Health Psychology
Christine Barrowclough Professor in Clinical Psychology
Christine Rogers Senior Lecturer (Teaching) in Psychology and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the School of Psychological Sciences
Christopher Boyce
Christopher Taylor NIHR Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist
Claire Fothergill Clinical Tutor
Daniel Pratt Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Dawn Edge Lecturer
Doron Cohen Research Associate
Dougal Hare Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Emma-Louise Cullen Senior Group Administrator
Jade Hodson
Fiona Ulph Lecturer in Qualitative Methods
Gabriella Juhasz NEWMOOD Clinical Research Fellow
Gillian Haddock Professor of Clinical Psychology
Ian Anderson Professor of Psychiatry
Ian Fleming Clinical Director
James McManus Clinical Tutor
John Fox Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Judith Moss
Katherine Berry Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Kathryn Abel Professor of Psychiatry
Lara Bennett Senior Clinical Tutor
Laura Brown Lecturer in Psychology
Linda Steen Clinical Director
Lisa Heaney
Louise Egan
Lynsey Gregg Lecturer in Clinical and Health Psychology
Matthew Farr Lecturer, Teaching Focus
Max Marshall Professor of Community Psychiatry
Michele Birtel Lecturer in Social Psychology
Nusrat Husain Clinical Senior Lecturer
Patricia Gooding Senior Lecturer
Penny Bunton Clinical Lecturer
Peter Talbot Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry
Rachel Calam Head, School of Psychological Sciences
Rebecca Elliott Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuroscience
Richard Brown Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Richard Drake Senior Lecturer
Richard Gater Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry
Ruth Butterworth
Samantha Rowbotham PhD Student / Tutor BSc Psychology
Sandra Bucci Lecturer, Clinical Psychology
Sara Tai Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Sarah Peters Senior Lecturer
Shôn Lewis Professor of Adult Psychiatry
Simon Kyle Lecturer in Clinical and Health Psychology
Susan Speer Senior Lecturer
Thomas Houseman
Warren Mansell Reader in Psychology
Yvonne Awenat Research Fellow