CIGMR: Staff

Name Job title Email address
Emma Davis Quality Assurance Technician - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Philip Day Reader in Quantitative Analytical Genomics - CIGMR-MIB
Kate Dixon Operations Manager - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Paul Downey Honorary Research Associate
Laura Farrell Laboratory Technician - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Alex Fitton Project Administrator
Alison George-Davidson Administrator
Toni Grady Laboratory Technician - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Darren Green Clinical Research Fellow - Vascular Research Group
Julie Hudson Laboratory Technician - Vascular Research Group
Ezinne Ibe Laboratory Technician - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Francine Jury Salford Citizen Scientist Project Manager
Lorna Kennedy Senior Scientist - CIGMR
Janine Lamb Senior Lecturer in Complex Human Genetics/Genomics - CIGMR
Fiona Marriage Experimental Officer - CIGMR-MIB
Prakash Narayanan Clinical Research Fellow - Vascular Research Group
John Newton Honorary Professor, Chief Knowledge Officer for Public Health England
Rob Oliver Research Scientist/Biological Repository Manager - Vascular Research Group
Bill Ollier Professor of Immunogenetics/Co-Director of CIGMR
Debbie Payne Project Manager - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Tony Payton Research Associate - CIGMR
Anna Payton Project Administrator
Tim Peakman Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Andrew Platt Database Manager - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Hazel Platt Experimental Officer - CIGMR
Genevieve Pridham Senior Laboratory Technician/Project Manager - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
James Ritchie Clinical Research Fellow - Vascular Research Group
Andrea Short Project Manager - CIGMR
Kirk Siddals Research Associate - Vascular Research Group
Subir Singh Technician - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Mags Stark IT Support - CIGMR Biobank - CIGMR
Martin Yuille Reader in Biobanking/Co-Director of CIGMR