CIGMR provides genotyping in four main areas:

  • Microsatellite typing
  • SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) typing
  • MHC (major histocompatibility complex) genotyping (animals only)
  • Reference Strand Conformational Analysis (RSCA)

Microsatellite genotyping on Applied Biosystems (ABI) 3100 platforms is routinely performed for human and mouse microsatellite markers.


  • High throughput SNP genotyping: currently performed using Sequenom mass spectrometry iplex technology. An Affymetrix high throughput SNP chip typing platform is also available
  • Lower throughput technologies: currently still used and more appropriate for some projects include snapshot (ABI 3100), Taqman allelic discrimination (Roche LC480)
  • MHC typing for companion animals includes canine DLA class II (DRBI, DQA, DQB) and class I (DLA-88) by a combination of sequence based typing and RSCA methods. MHC can also be performed in canine and equine species
  • RSCA genotyping using the ABI 3100 platform is available when Sequence Based Typing (SBT) is not appropriate

Genotyping Services

Services currently provided include: