Research projects

Ongoing projects

HELPER Programme (HEalthy Living and Prevention of Early Relapse)

Duration of the project

September 2008 - September 2012

Funding body

National Institute for Health Research (RP-PG-0606-1302)

Members of the project

Professor Max MarshallPrincipal investigator
Professor Alison WeardenPrincipal investigator
Professor Karina LovellPrincipal investigator
Professor Christine BarrowcloughCo-investigator
Professor Shôn LewisCo-investigator
Dr Tim BradshawCo-investigator
Dr Fiona LobbanCo-investigator

Project details

To develop and test three phase-specific interventions to reduce relapse and prevent deterioration in people with first episode psychosis. The component studies are:

  • InterAct (led by Karina Lovell and Alison Wearden)
  • To promote normal weight and a health lifestyle ReCAP (led by Christine Barraclough and Fiona Lobban)
  • To reduce cannabis use and thus prevent relapse IMPACT (led by Richard Drake)
  • Promoting engagement with cognitive behavioural therapy